Padres showing up on the Hot Stove

Saturday January 9, 2010

I must admit something. I am a junkie for Tim has me hooked on all the rumors.

It sure has been nice to see the Padres name popping up some recently. It has been conspicuously absent for most of this off season, unless you consider the trade for Ryan and the resigning of Quezada and Worrell news.

That is changing. Today we saw two mentions of the Padres.

One article on Tim’s site today led off with a mention of the Padres requesting the medical records of former San Francisco Giants starter Noah Lowry. Lowry has not pitched since 2007 because of what turned out to be thoracic outlet syndrome, an impinging of nerves and muscles by his rib. The rib is gone now and teams are looking to see if the lefty is ready to pitch in 2010.

Whether Lowry could crack the Padres rotation even if he is healthy is a huge question mark, but on a minor league deal I think Lowry would be a good signing for the Padres.

In that same article that mentioned the Padres was Corey Brock shooting down the rumor that Khalil Greene would be returning in a twitter post today. Sorry Padres fans, your Greene jerseys will have to stay in the closet.

Several posts over the past two days including this one, talk about the Padres interest in Jerry Hairston JR. to fill the need for a RHB for the outfield. Although if Ken Rosenthal of of is correct in his Twitter post that Jerry Jr will get 2-3 million on a 1 year deal, the Pades are likley out of the running already. Steep price for the Padres for a platoon player.


One thought on “Padres showing up on the Hot Stove

  1. The Padres showed up again yesterday with the Cubs showing interest in Bell again.

    Looks like Hairston is going to be a Yankee. He is a little too expensive to be a backup to Gwynn or Venable in SD.


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