NONE of the proposed changes to Baseball matter

I keep reading all of the proposed changes to the game and all of them are total BS. None of them matter to the casual fan.

All the casual fan wants to see is a faster-paced game. They don’t care if the game is 2.5 or 3.5 hours long as long as its fast-paced.

Pitchers clock. Pitchers must face 3 batters. Moving the mound back or down. Changing the strike zone.

None of that matters!!

You want to speed up the game and make it more interesting? Incentivize players to put the ball in action.

Players are paid for power today. That means more strike outs and more walks and a more boring baseball game. Today we have record strike outs and record walks and the most boring baseball in generations.

Most fans try to blame it on mound visits or pitching changes or any number of things, but they are dead wrong.

The bottom line is if you are incentivized by getting paid more to try for one of the 3 True Outcomes, Home Run, Strike Out, or Walk, that is what you are going to do. That game is boring to the casual fan. They want to see action.

If you make the highest paid players the guys with the highest batting average and number of hits, then players will be putting the ball in play more often. Putting the ball in play makes the game more exciting.

It would also shorten the game. Strike outs take more pitches so they take more time. Walks take more pitches so they take more time. More pitches means more pitching changes. More pitching changes means more DEAD time. Dead time is boring.

You want a deeper explanation, read this –

Making the game more exciting is all about putting the ball in play and to get players to do that you have to PAY them to do that.

That is my take. What do you think?

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