Time for Ludwick to Sit?

Monday August 30, 2010 .227/.306/.361/.667  Is that good enough to be a starter in the major leagues? Whose numbers are those anyway? They sound decidedly Tony Gwynn Jr-like don’t they? Well they are the numbers of Padres “Big Bat” Ryan Ludwick. You remember him, the guy that was supposed to protect Adrian Gonzalez in the … More Time for Ludwick to Sit?


Pathetic Padres Fans

Saturday August 28, 2010 I have to say that baseball fans in San Diego are absolutely pathetic. To be more specific I should say PADRES fans are pathetic. A FIRST place Padres team playing a playoff contender on a Saturday and all they could attract is 37,000. to make matters worse close to half of … More Pathetic Padres Fans

Fair Warning

Friday August 27, 2010 I have been to 9 Padres games so far this season where I sat in a seat other than my season ticket seat. The Padres are 0-9. On Saturday I will be at the game, but not sitting in my season ticket seats. Yeah I know I am supposed to be … More Fair Warning