2019 Padres Position Player Projections

The Websoulsurfer 2019 Padres Position Player Projections

Pitchers and catchers reported today and the final players will likely be added in the next week, so its time for my annual projections.

The Padres have not added a 3B yet. so I have added one for them.  In my opinion, I gave Moustakas more money than he will probably get, but in the sake of timeliness, I added him for $10 million.

With these players, I project that the Padres would see a 7.9 WAR improvement over last season.  These projections do not include Tatis who I believe will be called up in June if he is playing well in El Paso and does not include Franchy Cordero who will undoubtedly get time in San Diego as the inevitable injuries hit.

PositionPlayerGP/PASlash Line HRWAR Salary (in millions)
1BHosmer156/650.270/.330/.440/.770202.4 $21.0
SS/2BUrias140/550.280/.380/.420/.800102.4 $0.555
CHedges105/350.242/.292/.420/.712161.8 $2.06

Friday I will have my projections for pitchers completed and I am hoping that on the 18th, the 1st day for all Padres to be in camp, I will have overall projections including wins posted.

That is my take. What do you think? 

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