The All Unemployed Team

The All Unemployed Team


With free agent signings coming into the home stretch with spring training a month away, I decided to take a look at the al unemployed team.
Some of these players are not necessarily the ones that had the best stats at the position last year, but the one that I felt had a chance to have the best season in 2019.
Starting Position Players
RF – Bryce Harper  (4.4 WAR)
CF – AJ Pollock  (3.4 WAR)
LF – Gerardo Parra  (0.8 WAR)
3B – Mike Moustakas  (2.4 WAR)
SS – Manny Machado  (5.8 WAR)
2B – Asdrubal Cabrera  (1.6 WAR)
1B – Matt Davidson  (0.8 WAR)
C – Martin Maldonado  (1.0 WAR)
Util – Marwin Gonzales  (2.5 WAR)
MI – Josh Harrison  (1.8 WAR)
OF – Nick Markakis  (1.7 WAR)
C – Matt Wieters  (0.8 WAR)
Position Players – 27 WAR
Starting Rotation
Dallas Keuchel  (3.4 WAR)
Gio Gonzalez  (3.1 WAR)
Wade Miley  (1.0 WAR)
Ervin Santana  (2.4 WAR)
Drew Pomeranz  (1.9 WAR)
HM – Adam Warren
CL – Craig Kimbrel  (2.0 WAR)
SU – Adam Ottavino  (1.2 WAR)
SU – Cody Allen  (1.2 WAR)
SU – Brad Brach  (1.5 WAR)
MR – Bud Norris  (0.1 WAR)
MR – Justin Wilson  (1.0 WAR)
MR – Tony Sipp  (0.6 WAR)
LR – Clay Buchholz  (1.4 WAR)

Pitching Staff – 24.6 WAR

In my opinion, that is a 90 win team.

How does that compare to your favorite team? Who would you choose for this team?


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