Let’s get Realmuto traded

Let’s get Realmuto traded


The Marlins must trade JT Realmuto before the season starts. Coming off a career year and with just 2 years of team control, his value will never be higher.

So let’s talk about how the Marlins can get Realmuto traded. I am a big fan of 3 team blockbuster trades with 8-9-10 guys changing teams. I have always loved seeing that happen. I know it is incredibly complicated to do this type of trade, but since its my favorite, that is what I am going to propose.

What teams would be involved in my mega-trade?

The Marlins, Braves, and Padres.

What are those teams needs?

Other than those few teams in the first year of a rebuild, teams typically make trades in order to fill needs on their MLB roster. So what do the Marlins, Braves and Padres need?

The Marlins needs are many, but foremost among them they must get a MLB catcher in return for Realmuto. They also need MLB ready pitching.

The Braves have Donaldson at 3B and their top position player prospect Austin Riley needing a spot to play. That puts their incumbent 3B out of a starting job. After the departure of Markakis in FA, the Braves have a gaping hole in their OF.

The Padres have two major holes. 3B and top of the rotation starters.

What players would be involved in the mega-trade?

Marlins get: 
Mejia – An Elite prospect, #25 overall, that is also a MLB ready catcher
L. Allen –  A Top 100 prospect (#76) who is MLB ready SP
Nix – MLB ready SP, Padres #14 prospect, ERA under 2.00 in upper minors in 2018
Gohara –  A Top 100 prospect (#78) who is MLB ready
(3 Top 100 prospects including the best catching prospect + 1 quality MLB ready starting pitching prospect)
Padres get: 
Realmuto – Best catcher in baseball at less than $6 million
Camargo – MLB 3B with 2 years before arbitration .806 OPS with 19 HR in 2018
(2 MLB starters)
Braves Get:
Renfroe –  MLB OF with 2 years before arbitration .805 OPS with 26 HR in 2018
Potts –  3B, Padres #10 prospect for 2019 on BP,  Hit .281/.847 with 17 HR in A+ in 2018
Garrett – #7 overall draft pick in 2016, Top 100 prospect (#43) before TJ surgery in June 2017
 (A starting RF with real power and a cannon arm, a top 3B prospect, a top pitching prospect)

The Padres have 2 quality catchers, so why would they do this? 

This gives them Proven Above Average MLB Players at 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, and Catcher.
It opens RF for Reyes, perhaps the best hitting prospect in their system. Their would then OF would become Myers in LF, Margot in CF (with Cordero in AAA biding his time), Reyes in RF, with Jankowski as the #4 OF.
Depending on how Urias responds at the plate in his first full season in the majors, the Padres have the entire infield above average on offense with improved defense and the #2 overall prospect in baseball, Fernando Tatis Jr. coming in late 2019.
What they are missing is a top of the rotation starter. They still have a plethora of great prospects they can use in trades or there are still several #2 and #3 type starters still on the FA market and available in trades.
How about signing SP Kuechel (4/80) and trading Brett Kennedy and Miguel Diaz for Sonny Gray?
Their rotation becomes Kuechel, Lucchesi, Gray, Lauer, Mitchell with Strahm and Erlin available out of the bullpen for spot starts.

In addition, Dinelson Lamet should be returning from TJ surgery mid-season and top prospects Paddack and Quantrill arriving in the 2nd half of 2019.

That is my take, what do you think?

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