Sad Sack San Diego Padres of 2011

Thursday May 5, 2011

When you lose two of three to the lowly Pittsburg Pirates and the player leading your team in RBI and hitting 3rd in the lineup is batting just .215, you know your team is not destined for great things.

Padres LF Ryan Ludwick on the season

When your team is getting .190/.285 from the leadoff spot you know you aren’t scoring many runs, because, well, nobody is ever frickin’ on base to be driven in.

When your 1st basemen are hitting a combined .165/.214 with a slugging percentage normally reserved for light hitting middle infielders, you know you are not knocking in many runs.

2011 Batting Average of Padres 1B

That would be the 2011 version of the San Diego Padres.

Right now the Padres are in competition for the #1 overall pick in the 2012 MLB Amateur Draft with only 12 wins against 19 losses. They are currently tied for last place in the NL. These Padres have the WORST home win percentage in baseball.

Not what fans expected after a 90 win season in 2010 and not what most people would expect today with a pitching staff with an ERA under THREE with 20 Quality Starts in 31 Games (tied for 3rd best in baseball).

MLB 2011 Team Pitching Stats

Its time for the Padres brass to either jettison the overpaid, under-performing veterans and simply play the kids that will be the future of the team or pay the price in prospects and dinero to pick up a couple of guys that can actually HIT the ball. If they don’t act pretty quick, the 2011 season can be effectively considered over and May is only 5 days old.

What a sad state of affairs in Padredom.

Happy Cinco De Mayo.


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