1 year and 341,700 Frequent Flyer Miles Later

March 27, 2011

It has been an interesting, fast paced and hectic year in the Web Soulsurfer household.

I have logged 341,700 frequent flyer miles and more than 200 days away from home since March 31st of 2010.

I have met many incredible people, worked with some great clients and charities and visited some wonderful places. I have seen baseball games in 7 countries (actually 6 since Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, but don’t tell them that).

But, and its a big but, I am exhausted and I miss my wife and home. Obviously I have not posted near as much on this blog and on the boards I have been so active on in the past.

I am nearing 50 (AARP is on my tail to sign up by my birthday in June) and I need to slow down and enjoy my life with my devoted and loving wife instead of jetting around the country and living in hotel rooms. Towards that end I have sold my interest in the sports/charity marketing business I have been involved with and will be relocating to new digs in a new city within the next month.

While I will be attending the Padres opening series of the season in St Louis, for the first time in 26 years I will likely not be able to make the Padres home opener as I take care of the last of my duties and transfer the company over to the new teams my (ex)business partner has hired to fill my duties.

Yes they are replacing me with two teams of 2 people each. Tells you how much work I have been doing when they have to bring in two teams to take my place.

There will still be a Websoulsurfer the blog and I may even post more often as I did in years past, but it will be from afar as I will be living in a AAA city of the West.

I do hope you will continue to read the blog and maybe even enjoy it more as it starts to be a more regular part of my life.

Just for shits and grins I may just publish the many (about 40) articles I have started (and never completed) writing in airports and hotel rooms over the past year even though they are dated and sometimes just plain wrong. But then being wrong never stopped me from posting before…

Best regards,

– Web


One thought on “1 year and 341,700 Frequent Flyer Miles Later

  1. Larry Faria in OB said:

    Well, that explains the paucity of posts. I was wondering what happened, and only now remembered you mentioned your traveling ways earlier. You should have enough frequent flier miles for a vacation in Tahiti!

    Sad to hear you're not going to be close to San Diego, but if you have a computer and twitter, you can keep up on the team anywhere. Best of luck with the next phase of your life.


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