Time for Hoyer to make a move

Tuesday June 29, 2010

Its time for Jed Hoyer to make his first in season trade and I think its going to be a doozy.

There were scouts for 5 teams were in the stands for Correia’s last two starts. Now they may have been there to see other players also, but I would think they were also there to see Correia.

Correia has been on a 6 game slide since his brother died and the talk I am hearing is that a change of scenery, SD is his home, may be good for him. His velocity is down on his FB and up on his change up and slider. Exactly the opposite of what you want to see.

So at this point I would guess most of you are asking “who would Correia go to and what could the Padres get in return?”

To that I say, not so fast & hold your horses. I am just getting warmed up.

We are not talking about a 1-1 or 1-2 trade.

The scuttlebutt is a 4-5 player trade with the Padres sending Correia and a minor league pitcher that will make some people stand up and say “WHOA, why him?” for a good young ML bat that the Padres can control and another top prospect that is a few years further away from the ML..

Catcher Wilson Ramos wields a bat that is being mentioned often. The Padres have little depth at catcher and Ramos would be pushing for playing time this season. But the Padres really need a bat that can also patrol the outfield.

Alot of the trade rumors centers around Kevin Correia who has not been able to maintain his early season form since the untimely death of his brother. The logic is a change of scenery would do him good. In my opinion he just needs to keep his left foot planted on his follow through. He tends to spin his foot towards first and when he does, he cannot repeat his mechanics.

There have even been rumors of the discussion of a trade of Correia and Closer Heath Bell for Ramos, OF Delmon Young, RP Alex Burnett and AA RHP Carlos Gutierrez of the Twins.

Not sure I like that one. With Gallagher and Mujica out of options and playing poorly, I would much rather see either of them (or both together) moved than Bell. Package one of them up with Correia and see if there are any takers. Then trade a couple of decent, but not top prospects for Lee.

Its time for Hoyer to start getting serious about making a trade and from all I am hearing when he does its going to be a doozy.



3 thoughts on “Time for Hoyer to make a move

  1. Why would the Twins want Bell when they have Rauch performing so well this season and then will have Nathan back next season? Also why would any team give up anything of value for Kevin Correia?


  2. What makes you think it will be one big trade? Seems to me a couple of smaller trades makes more sense unless they are going after Lee. Even then they will probably trade a few pitchers, especially with Gallagher and Mujica the Bombgiver being out of options.


  3. With all due respect, it's not time yet all for Hoyer to make a move. Add the Padres front office to the crowd that didn't think the team was going anywhere this year. Their plan after last July was to load up on unproven players with a leavening of veterans. With the 37-25 sucess of the team, they decided to keep that nucleus intact and see how far they could go.

    The franchise is in no position to break with its current plan in the middle of the season. This team may have opened up some front office eyes (and owners' eyes too) to the importance of team chemistry. They're not going to mess with it with trades during the season. After the season, decisions have to be made about Young, Correia, Garland, Torrealba and Bell, among others.

    There may be some trades in the Padres' future, but Jed will be nibbling on trades (and selected free agents) for a couple years before the team has the wherewithal to swing a doozy. I think you wrote this a couple years too soon.

    Larry Faria
    Ocean Beach


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