Why Padres are being patient with Poreda

Sunday May 23, 2010

Why are the Padres still waiting on Aaron Poreda?

36 base runners but only 4 earned runs in 18 IP. A 2.0 ERA with a 1.775 WHIP for the San Antonio Missions, the Padres AA affiliate.

At age 23, Poreda has such filthy stuff that he has given up 15 hits, 17 walks, and 4 HBP in 18.0 IP, but has only given up 4 earned runs.

AA hitters cannot get hits off him at all and with runners in scoring position they are hitting under .100 off him.

That is why the Padres are patiently waiting to see if he can gain more control.

If he walked even 3 per 9 innings instead of 8.5, he could be a devastating reliever. A top notch closer. Maybe even a great starter.

Left hand pitchers that throw high 96-100 MPH are few and far between. Those that can throw that hard with movement are even rarer. Poreda is one.

Padres have a few more years before they need to make a call on him, and he is still good trade material at 23 years old.

Patience could pay off big time with this one.

– Vic Power


One thought on “Why Padres are being patient with Poreda

  1. Good thing the Padres have patience with Poreda. I heard one friend explain that Poreda last year packed his bags five times, playing for five different teams in five leagues at three prefessional levels in two organizations. That's a lot to ask of a 22 year old, and it's no wonder the Padres moved him to AA in a pitchers' league to help him get his head screwed back on straight. I still see him as a potential ace, coming up in two-three years to team with Latos as a terrific lefty-righty one-two punch like Koufax-Drysdale, or at least Johnson-Schilling.

    Larry Faria
    Ocean Beach


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