Hecklers Corner – the Muskrat Edition

Monday May 3, 2010

Hecklers Corner – The Muskrat Edition

Tonight the Padres matchup against the hot Ubaldo Jimenez. Due to his 5-0 start with a no hitter already, this game sure looks bleak for the home town team.

Jimenez seems to be the “real deal” and is an early favorite for the CY Young.

This is a game where hecklers have a little say in the outcome. If you have seats that allow verbal access to the pitcher Jimenez, then you have a prime time opportunity to effect the game.

So get after him!

  • Straight in straight out Jimenez. Straight in Straight out.
  • 3 balls for a dollar. Yuck yuck yuck yuck.
  • When a man gets on base – There he goes! 
  • Holy Jimenez

Anything to get in his head.

Or just talk about his bizarre 1st name. Ubaldo, Waldo.

Next home stand I will have much, much more for you and my buddy the ‘stache will have his say too.

Aloha – Muskrat

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