Big Changes coming at Websoulsurfer

Monday April 26, 2010

There are some big changes coming at

1st the Good News:

In the coming days you will have the pleasure of reading two and possibly several more new writers.

Our first new writer, Vic, has been around professional baseball for more than 30 years as a player, coach, and scout. Baseball’s loss in his retirement for health reasons, is our gain. He will bring a unique viewpoint to the articles he posts. If we can figure out the logistics, you will see his first article today.

Our second new writer is a well known fan and I will let him introduce himself when he begins his posts with the next home stand. All I can say is these will the only articles of their kind in Padredom.

The new look for the site is coming. I got great comments about the preview we posted, although we may make a move to WordPress to make multiple authors easier.

Now for the Bad News:

I will not be writing articles for Websoulsurfer in the near future. Well, some of you may take that as a good news. LOL

The reason? One Padres blogger took it upon himself to reveal my identity to one of my company’s clients, who asked me not to post on this blog to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest.

I have been very careful about keeping any knowledge gained from my professional interactions separate from the things I have posted about, but I have to make our clients view of this situation my primary consideration and stop posting about baseball and the Padres in particular. 

My thanks goes out to Geoff at Ducksnorts, Steve at Friarhood, and Daniel at Friar Forecast, who despite my sometimes contrarian viewpoint, have encouraged me to write.

Don’t think this means you are getting rid of me for good though, in my best Terminator impersonation, I’ll be back.

Go Padres!

– Web


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