Good News and Bad News, which do you want first?

Saturday April 10, 2010

The Good News
Chris Young will probably not be traded this season.

The Bad News
The reason Young won’t be traded is he is injured already.

The San Diego Padres announced yesterday that Young will not make his scheduled start on Monday for the Padres home opener because of “tightness” in his surgically repaired right shoulder.

Young threw 6 innings of 1 hit, shutout ball in his first start of the season on Tuesday in Arizona, but felt tightness on Wednesday. He was pulled from the start after just 86 pitches, but Black and Young both said it was just being cautious since it was his first start since June of 2009 and the Padres had a 5 run lead at the time. Many who were watching his velocity decline sharply during the game wondered if something was wrong. I guess we now know it was more than just cautiousness.

In 2009 Young went on the DL to stay on June 14th after having been held out of several starts earlier for extra rest because of tightness in the same shoulder that he is experiencing tightness in now. He eventually had debradement surgery on the shoulder.

Grrrrr. Looks like another injury filled season is coming for Chris Young and the Padres.

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