2010 Padres Payroll

Friday January 22, 2010

Been hearing lots of talk about what the Padres have left in payroll. Talk from Hoyer and Moorad. Talk from Correy Brock and others. Talk of just $5-6 million being available to spend.

I thought it best to take a look myself. Math was never my strong point, but spreadsheets do all the math for you if you ask them to, so I am pretty sure the numbers are correct.

Here goes.  

The San Diego Padres Payroll as of January 22, 2010

Player Name              Position    2010 Salary

Tied up for 2010      
Chris Young                  SP         $  6,375,000.00
Adrian Gonzalez            1B         $  4,825,000.00
David Eckstein              2B         $  1,000,000.00
Kevin Correia           RHP/SP     $  3,600,000.00
Heath Bell                 RHP/RP     $  4,000,000.00
Mike Adams             RHP/RP     $  1,000,000.00
Committed                                 $20,800,000.00
Arbitration Eligible                  Expected Salary
Scott Hairston              OF          $  2,900,000.00         ($2.1 – $2.9 million)
Arbitration Subtotals                 $ 2,900,000.00
Free Agent Signings      
Jerry Hairston               Util          $ 2,125,000.00

Free Agent Signing Subtotals   $ 2,125,000.00
NOT Arbitration Eligible / Under Team Control      
Headley, Chase          OF/3B       $450,000.00
Gonzalez, Edgar           UT           $450,000.00
Hundley, Nick              C             $450,000.00
Venable, Will              OF            $450,000.00
Cabrera, Everth           SS            $450,000.00
Kyle Blanks                 OF           $450,000.00
Oscar Salazar              UT            $450,000.00
Tony Gwynn Jr.           OF            $450,000.00
Aaron Cunningham      OF            $450,000.00
Greg Burke                  RHP         $450,000.00
Luke Gregerson           RHP         $450,000.00
Mujica, Edward           RHP         $450,000.00
Thatcher, Joe               LHP         $450,000.00
Aaron Poreda              LHP         $450,000.00
Sean Gallagher             RHP         $450,000.00
Luis Perdomo              RHP          $450,000.00
Adam Russell               RHP          $450,000.00
LeBlanc, Wade            LHP          $450,000.00
Mat Latos                    RHP          $450,000.00
Tim Stauffer                 RHP          $450,000.00
Clayton Richard           LHP          $450,000.00
Team Control Subtotals             $  9,000,000.00

Totals                                          $34,825,000.00

Yes I know there are way too many pitchers. 16 in all. So subtract $1.8 million for 4 guys at $450,000 and you are at $33.025 million. Viola!      

Total 2010 Padres Payroll           $33,025,000.00

Now I must admit that we don’t know exactly what the players under team control will be paid in 2010, but since the major league minimum is $400,000, I would bet that an average of $450,000 would be pretty dang close or maybe even a tad high. If anyone knows a way to find out what the average was for last year, please let me know and I will adjust the figures here.

I am also guessing that Hairston, Scott that is, signs for somewhere close to $2.5 million or the mid way point between the arbitration figures of $2.9 million he asked for and the $2.1 the Padres offered.

Now as to where the Payroll ends up in 2010, I have to rely on the Padres front office. Both Moorad and Hoyer have been quoted as saying the Padres payroll for the 2010 season would start with a 4(four). Since they are $28+ million over $4 million, I would have to guess they mean $40 million or more.

$40 million minus $33.0 million = $7.0 million still available.

If Scott Hairston signs for $2.5 and I have overestimated the average salary of the players under team control, then the Padres could very well have $7.5 – $8 .0 million still available to sign free agents and still stay under $40 million budgeted for payroll.

Now the question becomes who do the Padres target with the money they have left to spend?

Editors Note 1/26/2010:

With the Padres signing of Jon Garland to a $4.7 million/1 year deal today, the Padres 2010 Payroll stands at $37.725 million and Corey Brock of MLB.com has posted on Twitter that the Padres have no money left to spend on what is now the lowest payroll in baseball.

Editors Note 2/2/2010:
The Padres signed Scott Hairston to a $2.45 million 1 year deal to avoid arbitration. That puts the Padres payroll at about $37,275,000.00

That leaves the Padres about $6.459 million under last seasons $43,734,200.00 payroll
Can you say Orlando Hudson?


7 thoughts on “2010 Padres Payroll

  1. Based on what just happened to Florida, one has to assumed they will get to at least $40 Million or they may risk a tongue-lashing from MLB. If your prediction is correct (and your logic seems sound), than they are actually about $3 Million under what the Marlins spent last year.


  2. I am with you Mike. A payroll of $49 million gives the team the flexibility to pick up a Sheets or a Bedard and still go out and get a good backup catcher and possibly even another middle infielder.

    When I see signings like Matt Stairs, even if its to a minor league deal, I am not getting the feeling that the Padres are going to spend much if anything above $40 million.


  3. Hippeaux,

    The tongue lashing the Marlins got from the MLBPA and Selig did give me hope that the Padres would increase payroll to the point they wouldn't be the lowest in baseball.

    But signings like Matt Stairs are making me very confident that they will actually do that.

    How about you?


  4. I think you have to include the entire 40 man roster, which all count against the MLB salary. Add another 10 min salaries, and the payroll is just about 1-2M off of 40M. Besides, you are missing newly signed Matt Stairs (1.6M, according to ESPN http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/teams/roster?team=sdg). Anyways, i think the payroll is just a tad under 40M if not over, just like Moorad said.


  5. Those that don't make the 25 man roster are not paid major league minimum, they are paid whatever their minor league deal is worth. $70k is probably more realistic than $450k.

    $1.625 million was Stair's 2009 salary. He too is signed to a minor league contract and may not even make the team coming out of camp. Whatever his salary is for 2010, its not guaranteed.


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