Ng interviewed by Padres?

Saturday October 17, 2009

In a twitter post tonight, Corey Brock of says that the San Diego Padres have interviewed Los Angeles Dodgers Assistant General Manager Kim Ng.

Ng is one of two women to hold an Assistant GM position in MLB and the first to interview for a general manager position.

In her official BIO on the Dodgers website, Ng’s primary responsibilities are to assist General Manager Ned Colletti in player acquisitions and contract negotiation.

She oversees the Dodger’s arbitration efforts, player development, and professional scouting departments and manages the day-to-day operations of the baseball department.

Is she the strategic planner with leadership skills that Moorad is looking for?

As of yesterday, Moorad was saying he had interviewed four candidates and would most likely interview one more.

Ng was interviewed today so Moorad’s interviewing process is complete. Now we will have to wait and see who he picks and who the other candidates were.

Additional sources on Yahoo Sports confirm Corey Brock’s Twitter post from earlier this evening regarding NG’s interviewing with the Padres.


2 thoughts on “Ng interviewed by Padres?

  1. From what the NC Times said it sounded like Moorad was going to interview more people. What makes you think he is done now?

    Ng has done a pretty good job in LA after she was the asst GM for the Yankees for alot of years. Do you like her for the job or are you still thinking it will be Dipoto in the end?


  2. I think other than 2nd/3rd interviews that Moorad is done. He was very consistent in saying he was going to interview a total of 5 people and he has done tht now.

    ESPN and other sources are still saying that Dipoto, whose contract is up at the end of the WS, may still be the Padres pick.

    Ng has done everything right as an asst GM in NY and LA and deserves a REAL shot at being a GM, but you don't bring her in like this if you are serious about hiring her.


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