Kouzmanoff All Time record holder at 3B

Sunday October 4, 2009

Congratulations Kevin Kouzmanoff!

San Diego Padres Third Baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff set two MLB record for fielding by a 3B.

Kouzmanoff’s committed just 3 errors in 309 total chances and had a .990 fielding percentage.

The MLB record for fewest errors by a 3B with 300+ chances was previously 5.
In the AL Don Money for Milwaukee in 1974 and Eric Chavez for the Oakland Athletics in 2006. In the NL the record was 7 by Mike Lowell of the Florida Marlins in 2004.

The record for fielding percentage in the NL had been held by former Padre Vinny Castilla during his 2004 season with the Colorado Rockies and the MLB record was was held by Don Money at .989.

I had read that someone had a .990 fielding percentage in the AL, but I can’t seem to find it.

The bottom line is Kouzmanoff had one of the best defensive seasons in major league history.

Congratulations and I hope to see you back in a Padres uniform in 2010 to continue your overall improvement as a player.

2 thoughts on “Kouzmanoff All Time record holder at 3B

  1. I dont know if he is the best of all time, but Kouz sure did have a good season with the glove. best I have ever seen by a Padre since Cammy. Hate to say it though, I dont think he'll be back next season. Padres have too many 3rd baggers and he's not that great with t he bat.


  2. I don't think that Kouzmanoff is the best 3B ever. That does not take away from the great season he had.

    Anytime you set a record you have had a great season. Maybe not the best ever, but definitely great.

    You may be right about the Padres trading away Kouzmanoff. He is probably the more valuable to other teams of he and Headley.

    I hope that the new GM gets as good of a deal for him as KT would have.


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