Padres lose 4th in last 6 to last place D’Backs

Sunday September 27, 2009

I guess Kevin Correia knew something the rest of us had missed. The Padres bullpen just cannot get the job done against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Last night the bullpen came in and gave up a grand slam to give away the game.

Today at Chase Field in Phoenix, Edward Mujica, a guy who should still be part of the bullpen gave up 4 runs and the rest of his pen mates came in and gave up 3 more runs.

The Padres lose the game 7-4 and another series against the last place Diamondbacks.

In their last series against the Diamonbacks in San Diego both losses were on the bullpen (Heath Bell and Adam Russell).

In the series before that in Arizona in July two of the 3 losses were on the bullpen.

See a pattern here?

1st off, the Padres are having a real hard time beating one of the worst teams in baseball, going 7-11 against the Diamondbacks.

2nd, the bullpen is to blame for 7 of 11 losses. 2 losses are on Kevin Correia, one on Chad Gaudin, and the other on Jake Peavy.

A lesson for the Padres starting pitchers, make sure you pitch a complete game if you want a win against the Diamondbacks.

Padres come home to finish up their season with 2 against the Dodgers and 3 against the Giants.

On to 2010.


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