I hope what I am hearing is wrong

Saturday August 22, 2009

Earlier tonight I heard that Padres 1st round draft pick Donavan Tate, the kid that cost the Padres over $6 million to sign, tore a muscle in his ribcage while taking batting practice at Petco the day he signed.

Are the Padres cursed?

Tim Stauffer hurts himself after being drafted and is just now starting to live up to the talent we thought he had when drafted in 2003.

Matt Bush has a diseased brain that causes him to be a total loser.

Nick Schmidt is injured after just 7 IP in his first season in the organization and misses all of the 2008 season.

Allan Dykstra has a degenerative hip condition.

And now Tate injures himself taking batting practice on his first day in the organization.

Is there a Padres Draft Pick Curse?


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