Hasn’t Neely heard you dont talk about a streak during an inning?

Sunday August 9, 2009

With 2 outs in the top of the 6th inning, Padres announcer Mark Neely started talking about how effective the Padres bullpen had been during a 17 inning scoreless streak. I knew immediately that the streak was over and that the Mets were going to score before the inning was over.

Sure enough, one pitch later Mets starting pitcher Johann Santana hit a ball to Left Center that was misplayed by both Tony Gwynn Jr. AND then by Oscar Salazar on the relay. Jeff Franouer came in to score from 2nd and the bullpen’s scoreless innings streak, and the Padres win streak, was over.

Edward Mujica went on to allow 3 runs, 2 unearned, and the Padres lost 5-1 to the New York Mets today at Petco Park, wasting another outstanding start from Tim Stauffer.

And I blame it entirely on Mark Neely.

Yes, I know its a silly superstition, but it has proven to be real so often that I believe it whole heartedly.

Its not Tony Gywnn’s fault that he got a bad jump on the ball and did not call off Chase Headleys o there was a near collission that caused him to bobble the ball. Its not the fault of anyone else. They were all jinxed by Neely and his seemingly innocuous comments.

Before you say anything, its not because the Padres were facing the best pitcher in baseball, the Mets Johann Santana. IF the Mets are held there, the Padres did come back in the bottom of the inning and score a run. That WOULD have tied the game.

It was ALL Mark’s fault.

So, Mark. In the future, NEVER, EVER talk about a streak during an inning. Wait until the people reposnisble for that streak are no longer on the field to mention the streak. That way you will not jinx the streak as you did today.

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