Cabrera is starting to look like a Low A hitter

Monday July 20, 2009

Everth Cabrera played last year for the Low A Asheville Tourists and its starting to show.

Major league pitchers have started making adjustments to him and he has not been able to make any adjustments of his own. His batting average has plummeted from .325 on June 25th to .237 after tonight’s game.

Normally that would not be a problem, but with Edgar Gonzalez on the DL after being beaned, the Padres have no one as a backup in the infield, for EITHER SS and 2B. They did pick up Oscar Salazar in the trade for Cla Meredith, but he is mainly a 1B and 3B, not a SS or 2B.

So what happens when Cabrera is hitting under the Mendoza line in a couple of weeks? He keeps starting is what happens. Because of bad personnel decisions in letting both Travis Denker and Chris Burke go and a rash of injuries, the Padres simply have no other options.

The best hitting SS in the minors is in AA. Craig Stansberry, the AAA SS/2B, has proven that at 27 years old he is a pretty much a Quad A player. The slick fielding Sean Kazmar simply cannot hit. Not at AAA and certainly not at the ML level.

So no options and no immediate help in the future at SS for the Padres.

What a sad state of affairs.


2 thoughts on “Cabrera is starting to look like a Low A hitter

  1. He's tied with AGon in July for BA, and only AGon's HR has pushed him past Everth in the Slg dept. Everth still has more RBI

    Scary I know, but the point is he's not alone in floundering right now. Our top hitter in July is hitting .280 for the month…


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