7 of 9 should be in the minors tonight!

Thursday July 9, 2009

Ouch! Have you looked at the Padres lineup for tonight’s game at the Giants?

  • SS – Cabrera (Asheville Tourists – Low A),
  • CF – Gwynn (Nashville Sounds – AAA)
  • 1B – Gonzalez
  • 3B – Kouzmanoff
  • LF – Headley (Portland Beavers)
  • RF – Venable (Portland Beavers)
  • C – Alfonzo (Fresno Grizzlies – AAA, Connecticut Defenders – AA)
  • 2B – Rodriguez (Portland Beavers- 31 games)
  • SP – Geer (Portland Beavers)

    (In parenthesis – minor league teams played for in 2008, not including rehab assignments.)

On most teams, 7 of the nine guys penciled into the lineup for the Padres tonight would be in the minors. Maybe a 5th outfielder or a utility guy in the majors at best. An 8th, Kouzmanoff, is borderline. 6 of the 9 spent half the season or more in the minors last year.

Folks, this is ugly.

Having 10 players on the DL has killed the Padres season.

So who do you hold accountable for this teams injury plague?

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