Padres win 8-5 over Diamondbacks

Wednesday May 27, 2009

Why does Bud Black seem to believe that starters have to go 6?

Time after time he leaves pitchers in after they have shown they are done.

Correia got hit because he was tired and elevating pitches in the 5th last night, so what does Black do? Bring him back to give up 4 more runs in the 6th.

That loss is squarely on the manager’s shoulders. He should know the signs to look for in a tired pitcher, but he doesn’t seem to have that ability.

Tonight Peavy struggles through the 6th, elevating his pitches and missing his spots. So what does Black do? He brings him back in the 7th so he can give up another run before giving way to Gregerson. Why did he come out at all?

Luckily, the Diamondbacks bullpen seems intent on giving up as many runs as they possibly can and immediately gave up 3 runs on 4 walks, 2 errors and 2 singles in the 8th inning tonight.

Even Greg Burke giving up a run in the 9th wasn’t enough for the Diamondbacks, as the Padres beat them 8-5. It was just the 2nd run the Padres bullpen has given up since Duaner Sanchez gave up 4 runs on May 14th. Peavy went 6 1/3 innings giving up 8 hits and 4 runs while striking out 5 for his 5th win and Heath Bell pitched to one batter in the 9th for his 13th save.

Adrian Gonzalez hit his league leading 18th home run and the Padres 1 through 4 hitters went 8 for 17 and scored all 8 Padres runs.

The Padres are now 24-23 while the Diamondbacks fall to 20-27.


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