Duaner Sanchez should be ashamed.

Friday May 1, 2009.

Duaner Sanchez should be ashamed of himself. He committed the cardinal sin of pitching.

You NEVER ever walk in the winning run. You can get beat by a hitter, but under no circumstances do you walk in the winning run.

The fact that he was out there was surprising, but to have him nibble and nibble with those sliders a foot off the plate until he walks in the winning run is an insult.

KT, its time for that guy to go away. If Sanchez never challenges a hitter, they are going to sit on his fastball and crush it when they see it. That is if he ever throws anything near the plate.

That experiment is a failure. It is time to move on.

And the Padres had runners in scoring position 5 times and couldn’t plate a run.

Hey Black, isn’t that a bunting situation in the 7th? Are you paying attention to the game? Henry Blanco with his .226 lifetime BA is not Adrian Gonzalez. Have him try to put down the sac bunt at least once in the AB. he gets it down and that fly ball to CF from Burke plates Kouzmanoff.

Ok readers, Its time to buy a few of those Fire Buddy Black t-shirts in my store so we can get the message out to KT and Moorad the next few series at home.

I have had my say. Now what do you think?


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