Will Fire Baller Morillo be the Padres next waiver wire pickup?

Thursday April 16, 2009

Will the Padres pick up Rockies RHP Juan Morillo?

The hard throwing reliever was designated for assignment on April 9th to make room for Jason Hammel on the Rockies roster, giving the Rockies 10 days to trade or waive him. While they have reportedly had a nibble or two, no offers have been forthcoming.

That means come Monday he will be available on waivers for $20,000.

Will the Padres pick him up? He fits the pattern of hard throwing pitchers with control problems the Padres have been picking up on the waiver wire this season.

The 25 year old Morillo has throws a fastball that sits at 95-98 and occasionally hits 100 mph, but his slider is inconsistent and he has suffered from a lack of control with a k/bb ratio that regressed as he made his way up the farm system to 1/1 last season in AAA Colorado Springs.

So do the Padres pick him up? Who do they send down if they do pick him up?

Moreno, Gregerson, Silva? Who else has options left? Is he better than Perdomo or other pitchers on the staff that wold have to be exposed to waivers?

We will know Monday.

Edit: I guess the Rockies decided not to wait until Monday to waive Morillo and clear that spot in on the roster as he was claimed by the Minnesota Twins who waived RHP Philip Humber.


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