Peavy trade is NOT dead!

Tuesday November 18, 2008

I keep hearing rumors that the Peavy trade is dead. That he will be a Padre next year.

I don’t think anyone who follows baseball closely thought Peavy would be the first deal of the year. So why are so many lamenting or celebrating the fact that he hasn’t been traded already?

Of the big deals to be made CC will sign undoubtedly first and set the tone and ceiling for all the other signings and trades.

Once CC has found a $140+ million home, then all the other guys will have an idea of what they can ask for.

Burnett, Lowe and company will have a better idea what they are worth in this market once Sabathia is signed. Once those guys get serious offers and the Braves/Cubs/Mets/etc… can’t match them, THEN Peavy will be traded to the Braves or Cubs or whomever.

I read that Wren said they were not actively pursuing a trade for Peavy.

I read where Towers said the trade with the Braves was dead and that the Cubs were the only option.

Do they all think we are stupid?

Of COURSE Atlanta is still in the running for Peavy. They are POSTURING! They are trying to say, “we have other options to pursue” so we won’t give as much as you are asking for.

Well, unless they are going to outbid the Yankees, then they are not going to sign Sabathia, Burnett or Lowe.

Who else could possibly be an option that would preclude trading for Peavy? No one!

We know the Braves don’t WANT to give up top prospects, who does, but they WILL give up top prospects for a pitcher of Peavy’s caliber when push comes to shove.

With the recent signing of Dempster and the offers we have seen from the Yankees to Sabathia and Burnett, it is highly likely that the Braves will break down and give the Padres what they are asking for, regardless of what Wren is trying to feed the media.

Dempster signed for 4 years at $13 million per year.
Sabathia was offered 6 years/$140 million earlier this week.
Burnett was offered 5 years/$80 million today.

So what is a CY Young winning, 27 year old pitcher worth over the next 5 years? Certainly more than the $78 million contract he is currently signed to.

I would guess more than the Braves were offering the Padres for him prior to the start of free agent players being able to negotiate with every team on the 14th.

And I am not the only one that thinks that that a trade for Peavy will eventually happen before teh start of the 2009 season.

Petter Gammons seems to think so.
Frank Wren apparently told Peter Gammons he thinks the Braves will get the trade done. Yes the same Braves GM Wren who said just 3 days ago that active negotiations were over.

In a conversation with Corey Brock of, Kevin Towers said that he wasn’t ruling out continued negotiations with the Braves.

So please, no more about this trade being done. Its still November. We won’t even see pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training until February. If you see Peavy reporting to the Padres camp in Peoria, then it may be dead. until then it is very much alive.


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