Wednesday November 5, 2008

Is there a Penny in the Padres Future


Update: The Dodgers declined their $9.25 million 2009 option for Penny on Wednesday, making him a free agent, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Recommendation: He may be forced to take a short, incentive laden deal to prove that he can still be a healthy option for a full six-month season, but Penny is unlikely to return to the Dodgers after team officials blamed his work ethic for his struggles in Los Angeles, rather than his shoulder issues last season.;_ylt=Asra2z4DzH38wptEeeSe9m.FCLcF?slug=rotowire-radennyeaving&prov=rotowire&type=fantasy
(If you are wondering why no link – Blogger won’t post it. Makes it invisible.)

Hmmmmmmmmm The Padres are the KINGS of picking up pitchers on short term, incentive laden contracts.

Is there a Penny in the Padres Future?

Penny certainly seemed awful angry at the Dodgers and what better way to get back at them than to pitch against them 5-6 times per season.

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